Andrew Servania

Andrew Servania

Developer of sorts


Latest Projects

YouTouch - Start a transaction by tapping phones together (Bachelor thesis project)

A Windows Phone 8.1 prototype app that will start a transaction between two given smartphones when they are tapped against each other.

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BadumTss App

Ever felt the need to have someone do a rimshot sound after making a joke to make it extra spicy? But you know that it would be too big of a hassle to setup a whole drumset just to make a two-second sound?

Well say hello to your little friend, the BadumTss app! Its the easiest app in the world! It only has one button! To serve you with one thing and one thing only!

To make a "BadumTss" sound also known as a 'rimshot'.

Here's an example: 1) You open the app

2) You make sure your phone's sound settings are at full blast.

3) Do the joke! "What do you call an aligator in a vest?"

:D ...???

4) "An in-vest-i-GATOR! HIT THE BUTTON!!"


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Profiler App - Quick country statistics

An app that shows you some quick statistics of a given country in the world. Useful for when you're comparing country. Not that you should, but, you know.. because you enjoy comparing countries :)

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Our Solar System

Woa! Some trippy stars, planets and stuff yo! A 3D representation of our fantastic universe with our 9,8,9...8,9 planets..(Scientists Y U NO make up your minds?) Written in C++ using OpenGL.

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Simple Game Engine

A simple 3D environment with some basic visual coordinates and mouse and keyboard input. Goal is to give an idea how OpenGL works (GLUT)

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Chicken Shooting Game

A quick and easy chicken shooting game written in JAVA (NOTE: NO CHICKENS WERE HARMED DURING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS GAME)

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Other Projects

Project A Star Algorithm Open Source

"A funny desktop application written in C++ that illustrate how a cow walk to wards a rabbit using an algorithm that calculates the shortest path between two nodes."

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Project Sound Visualizer Open Source

"A simple media player written in C# that visualizes sound in a graph."

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Thermo Fisher Scientific (May, 2016 - Present)

Consultant/Engineer - Altran (April, 2016 - Present)

Software Development Engineer - Poseidon Security Systems B.V. (Jan, 2015 - Aug, 2015)

(In short) Wrote (and develop) my Bachelor thesis on how a transaction can be made by simply tapping phones together using YouTouch technology.

Software Engineering Intern - PXL AG (Dec, 2013 - May, 2014)

(In short) Succesfully created a user login and registration feature for a desktop application. Also created a user registration API with ASP.NET and Windows Azure.

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